4-Way Flying


After you are a proficient 3-Way flyer, your next and final step in the formation skydiving progression is to learn and become proficient at 4-Way Flying. In order to be approved to fly with three other flyers, you will need to demonstrate that you are able to safely enter the flight chamber, maintain awareness of others around you while maintaining the appropriate altitude throughout your flights. 

You will need to be able to demonstrate that you can control your position inside the tunnel and build some basic formations that may be pulled from the random dive pool. Below is some information related to the dive pool to help guide you through what each formation may look like and using the video link also as an aid. It is not required that you know every move within the dive pool but those that wish to pursue 4-Way flying more seriously may elect to learn and fly each of the blocks and randoms.

Dive Pool

Note that the video playlist displays all FS formations, both Blocks and Randoms. After 1:31, all formations shown are Blocks and are not a part of the Random Dive Pool.

Looking at the table below, depending on the size of the tunnel determines what available Random formations are used when compiling a Draw selection.


12’ (3.66m) 14’ (4.27m) 16’ + (4.88m +)
B. Stairtep Diamond A. Unipod A. Unipod
D. Yuan B. Stairstep Diamond B. Stairstep Diamond
E. Meeker C. Murphy Flake C. Murphy Flake
F. Open Accordian D. Yuan D. Yuan
H. Bow E. Meeker E. Meeker
J. Donut F. Open Accordian F. Open Accordian
M. Star G. Cataccord G. Cataccord
O. Satellite H. Bow H. Bow
P. Sidebody J. Donut J. Donut
Q. Phalanx K. Hook K. Hook
  L. Adder L. Adder
  M. Star M. Star
  N. Crank N. Crank
  O. Satellite O. Satellite
  P. Sidebody P. Sidebody
  Q. Phalanx Q. Phalanx













Challenge Yourself! Use the IBA Draw Generator to randomly select a Draw then go fly it!

What skill level is next?

Neutral / Stable Back Fly Position

Now that you are moving on to learning free flying skills, the neutral back flying position is the first step in that progression. This position is key for a safe free flight progression. Ensuring that ample time is provided to master this skill will ultimately set a solid foundation for your successful progression.