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Can we request to fly with a certain instructor?

All instructors are fully qualified to instruct in the tunnel. If you wish to request someone specific, be sure to communicate that to the facility and they will make every effort possible to accommodate your request .

After completing the training course, how often do instructors get evaluated?

Once the course is complete you will receive an Instructor Rating. Management and training staff at facilities aswell as your team will constantly evaluate each instructor's progress in order to strive for greatness. Generally formal evaluations should be conducted every eight weeks.

Do you have to do training before you go? Why can’t we just go?

Indoor skydiving requires training before you fly. We provide this training included in your packages.

Are there medical issues that would prevent me from flying?

Indoor Skydiving is sport.  If your doctor has limited your participation in any activities, you should consult with them about whether or not you should participate.  If you have had a shoulder dislocation, it is strongly recommended that you do not fly.