Static Coach


In order to be awarded a Static Progression coach rating, you must have successfully completed and been signed off for all of the Static Pro skills. Upon demonstrating that you are competent at the flying skills, you will also complete a coach rating assessment in person with a current IBA rated Trainer.

The evaluation will include the following items:

  • Verification of personal flight skills
  • Coach Rating orientation briefing
  • Safety awareness and understanding briefing
  • Review of the Fundamentals of Coaching guide
  • Completion of the Tunnel Coach Ready Online Assessment
  • Observation of at least one coaching session with students to verify proficiency and understanding

Once the evaluation is successful, the Trainer will award the rating.

What skill level is next?

Belly Carving

Belly carving, is a mix of skills that pull from everything that you have learned as a competent belly flyer, combining them together carefully to create a balanced and smooth circular motion around the tunnel. For this skill to be considered complete, you will learn and become competent at carving, while belly flying with your head close to the center and also with your head close to the tunnel wall. These skills will be the core abilities that you will need for when you wish to begin dynamic flying at slightly higher wind speeds and learning head up and head down carving moves.