Who are the Waterfall girls?

March 26, 2017

In the music video for 'Waterfall' by Stargate, the viewer becomes entranced by 2 graceful flyers suspended in mid air through a veil of smoke and neon lights. While their faces are hidden behind tinted visors, those in the Indoor Skydiving community can easily guess the identity of these 2 magnificient freestylers.... 

Meet Inka Tiitto and Amalie Heglund Lauritzen, Scandinavian ladies taking bodyflight to the next level. Read on how they got to where they are now, the job itself, their dreams, then scroll down to watch the video that has already amassed over 3mil views.

1. How long have you been flying?

Inka: I started flying in October 2011 - I was a skydiver and that's how I ended up trying tunnel flying. I got hooked straight away!

Amalie: I tried to fly for the first time when the tunnel in Voss, Norway opened in 2012. I flew a few minutes here and there but nothing serious. After a while I got recruited to a 4-way FS team with three other girls. I flew FS4 for three years, but it's just for the last year I've started flying freestyle. Freestyle is challenging in a whole different way, but it so much fun.

2. Where did you start flying? Where do you fly most often now?

Inka: I started in Bedford and then did my first ten-ish hours in Manchester but I consider Prague my first home tunnel - I based myself there when I decided I want to become a professional flyer and that's where my journey from a student to a coach happened! Now I fly mostly at Flyspot - they are supporting my training and it's awesome, I am super thankful!

Amalie: I started flying at the tunnel in Voss, VossVind. This is my home tunnel. It is where I fly and train the most. It's an amazing tunnel with amazing people and a good vibe. No tunnel can compare to VossVind.

3. What accolades do you have to your name?

Inka: Freestyle world champion 2015 and World Cup winner 2016. I also have some medals from D2W and D4W.

Amalie: I have not been flying or competing for that long so I'm not sure if I have any yet.


Photo of Inka by Lauri Aapro


4. Anything else you want to add...

Amalie: I’m 18 years old. I've done other sports before, like mogul skiing, but it`s when I started flying that I felt that I had found a sport that I loved.


And now we’d love to hear about the project itself:

1. How did they contact you about doing this job?

Inka: Prettybird was in touch with me after seeing some of my videos online. They also knew I am a dancer/choreographer so initially the idea was to have me dancing in the video too. When they asked me to find another female flyer for the project, I contacted Amalie!

Amalie: They contacted Inka first about video. When they wanted two female flyers she brought me into the project and I got in touch with Prettybird and Stargate. It was so fun to be involved in such a cool project.

2. Where did their idea for this video come from?

Inka: Good question, somewhere from Willo Perron and Prettybird (the production behind the video), director Malia James... and of course the idea to bring flyers into the video was approved by all artists. Sia likes to use dancers in her videos and Pink is a skydiver and loves acrobatics so it fits perfect... and the Stargate guys loved the concept!

Amalie: I'm not sure about this one, but I think the idea was two girls who were going to a party and the party is the flying. This is where the crazy colored lights and smoke come in.

3. How much time did you get to practice with one another? 

Inka: Not enough! We were in a mad rush and the responsibility to get the routines ready was on my shoulders so I was super stressed!

Amalie:  I flew to Flyspot, Warsaw where Inka and me flew two hours together. Then we flew to Los Angeles, where we got to fly two more hours in iFLY Ontario. So there was not a lot of training time. We made some routines of us flying together and then we both flew solo. They used both our solos and 2way in the video.

4. Tell us something cool or funny that happened during filming…

Inka: Some of the light set ups were crazy, we could not see each other or the tunnel at all...flying was pretty sketchy.

Photo of Amalie by VossVind

5. Did Sia or Pink fly?

Inka: Nope! And neither did Stargate :(

Amalie:  No, none of them were there the day of the shooting. Some of the people from the producing team flew for the first time during the breaks. It would be fun to bring Pink and Sia to fly!

6. Do you have a favorite artist you like to listen to when you fly? What is special to you about their music?

Inka: I am just preparing a routine to a Sia song and I love her music! But it's more about the specific song not just the artist. The song needs to have a story.

Amalie: There are too many amazing artists in the world to pick just one. I do love Sia and Pink's music. I like to find music where I find a special connection to the song or it gives me certain emotions because then it's more fun to fly to.

7. What would be your dream music video?

Inka: I would like to create something very artistic and emotional and mixing dancing up with flying.

Amalie:  I never thought I would be in one, so I guess this one is my dream music video. It would be fun to do more music videos, and it would be super cool to do a rap music video!