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Promoting the sport of Indoor Skydiving and supporting an engaged membership of tunnel flyers and operators

Welcome to the International Bodyflight Association (IBA) and the exhilarating sport of Indoor Skydiving.

The IBA was formed in 2003 and leads the field in supporting and training wind tunnel instructors and setting the standard of safety that the industry enjoys today. Since that time the sport, and the industry, has expanded significantly and the IBA has continued to set the pace and now supports Flyers, Coaches, and Instructors world-wide with over 50 wind tunnels affiliated to the IBA.

We provide a range of membership packs to cater for all types of tunnel flyers, from first time flyer, to instructor and we also support the elite level of the sport by having an active role in supporting and organizing competition events.

Learning to fly is an incredible journey and the IBA is here to assist you in accomplishing your goals, sharing your experiences, and safely progressing as a tunnel flyer.  Whether you are planning your wind tunnel first visit, just completed your first flight, interested in being a Coach or an Instructor, or you are a wind tunnel veteran who just wants to have fun, the IBA is here to support and lead you to the cutting edge of Indoor Skydiving.


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Joining the IBA is free and it connects you to a world-wide community of tunnel flyers just like yourself.  Think of the IBA as your one-stop-shop for all information relating to the sport of Indoor Skydiving.

Membership of the IBA gives you access to:


  • An unrivalled on-line community membership connecting tunnel flyers all over the world
  • Free monthly e-newsletter with a round-up of all the newest information, straight to your inbox.
  • Up to date information on what's happening in the world of Indoor Skydiving in our News section
  • A large library of Videos from tunnels around the world
  • Details about all indoor skydiving Events in your area
  • Track upcoming competitions, read up on rules, and register for events in our Competitions Section
  • Create your own competitions or practice for one with our easy-to-use Draw Generator


  • The best Flyer Progression System available, used within all IBA affiliated tunnels around the world.
  • Watch videos of the entire Flight Progression System and learn advanced techniques through downloadable tutorials that support individual Flyers, Coaches, and Instructors

  • Find a full library of videos for all Formation and Dynamic dive pool moves.


  • Monitor your personal flying evolution through the IBA Logbook and Skills Dashboard
  • Track your skills, flight time, tunnels visited, and more
  • The dashboard is a very powerful tool available to IBA members and will assist you in your progression as a tunnel flyer
  • Upon completion of your flight session, log your new skills in your personal logbook for your instructor to sign-off your accomplishments
  • The next time you sign in to your IBA account you’ll see that you’ve earned achievements in the form of badges on your dashboard.  
  • The more badges you earn, the more freedom you will have as a tunnel flyer. If you are unfamiliar with the rating dashboard, we have set up short tutorial page in order to help you get started!

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Membership Packages



Every IBA Flyer has access to all of the information and content detailed above.  It’s free, join us.


Whether you are an experienced skydiving coach or a Flyer ready to take the next step, an IBA Coach Rating provides you with unique access to additional benefits:

  • A recognised IBA Coach Rating in your chosen discipline.
  • Access to specific coaching online training material.
  • Ability to advertise your tunnel camps on the IBA website and social media.


Qualification as an IBA Instructor requires a candidate to attend an IBA approved Flight Instructor Training Program (FITP), delivered by an IBA Trainer Level 4.  The FITP may be delivered in 2 ways: in most cases as part of a specific contract of employment delivered by the host tunnel; or directly upon request through the IBA.  


Thank you for joining the International Bodyflight Association and welcome to one of the greatest sports on earth!