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As you become comfortable flying 4 way VFS, understanding the advanced dive pool and gaining knowledge of what each team member is doing during each random formation and block sequence, you will move on, taking what you already know and utilizing the same set of skills and increase them to the additional Randoms and Blocks for the Open dive pool.

Note: 2017 updated VFS dive pool isn't currently reflected in the displayed video. Once available, a new video will be uploaded.

Dive Pool

Block Sequences

1. Arrowhead
2. Claw
3. HD Accordion
4. Chain Gang
5. Mixed Accordion
6. Snowflake
7. Flower
8. Buddy
9. Shorty
10. Boule
11. Fun Buddies
12. Pinwheel
13. HD Star
14. Satellite
15. Bipole
16. Chimmy
17. Zin

18. Ding
19. Angry Pelican
20. Box
21. Top Spot
22. Core Buddies

Random Formations

A. Cross
B. Gulley
C. Shoeshine
D. Sitline
E. Wave
F. Double Joker
G. Mixed Star
H. T-Bird
J. Flock
K. Anchor
L Rebel
M. Dentri
N. Double Rebel

O. Trident
P. Cortex
Q. Mixed Wave

Challenge Yourself! Use the IBA Draw Generator to randomly select a Draw then go fly it!