Bottom Loop


This move simply acts as an efficient way to return to a head-down orientation as you end a back layout, whether it is to begin a subsequent layout, or enter, for example, an in-face or out-face carve, head-down. 


This move simply acts as an efficient way to return to a head-down orientation as you end a back layout, whether it is to begin a subsequent layout, or enter, for example, an in-face carve or out-face carve, head-down. Therefore, being comfortable flying full back layouts is required in order to master this skill.

A bottom loop involves a very brief transition from your belly to your back so as to return subsequently to a head-down orientation. For this reason, being proficient in belly-to-back, backflip transitions will benefit you in learning this move. 


Your objectives in order to smoothly fly a bottom loop should be the following:

o   Perform the bottom loop at the center of the tunnel.

o   Ensure your hips stay out during the entire maneuver; avoid the common mistake of bending at the hips!

o   As when you’re performing a belly-to-back backflip, avoid “pushing” on the wind with your hands to induce the transition. 


For this maneuver, begin by performing a full back layout. As you are descending back to your belly, you will prepare to perform the bottom loop, making sure you time it correctly in order for it to take place at the center of the tunnel. Once you find yourself ending the loop, you will return to a head-down orientation, to either perform another layout, or begin an in-face carve. Remember to focus on keeping your hips out during the entire maneuver. 

Technique and Drills


To perform the bottom loop, you should keep the following techniques in mind:

  • Cup your chest slightly and bring your arms out in front of you as you reach the center of the tunnel on your belly to begin the transition.
  • Use the momentum of the layout and keep your hips out as you swing your legs back in front of you, then extend them to prompt the rotation back to head-down.
  • If you bend at the hips, you will slow down to a traditional sit-fly position for a brief period of time and kill the momentum. The most important aspect to a smooth bottom loop is to keep your hips out the entire time. Thus, a good drill to practice is to fly belly-to-back, backflip transitions while keeping your hips out the entire time. 

Post-flight questions / suggestions

·      Were you able to keep your hips out through the entire bottom loop?

·      Do you find yourself attempting to push on the wind with your hands to induce the transition?

·      Are you keeping the momentum of the layout as you perform the move or do you find yourself slowing down considerably?

·      Are you able to return to a controlled, head-down orientation as soon as you finish the loop?

·      What could you improve on during the next session?


Bottom loops are an essential part of dynamic flying. Mastering this skill will expand your repertoire of lines you are able to fly with others. Next, you will learn how to perform other dynamic moves such as head-down and head-up breakers.

What skill level is next?

2-Way Dynamic Dive Pool


The exciting and artistic aspect of dynamic flight pushes each flyer in a team to their ability limit utilizing all of the characteristics of bodyflight, leaving no orientation un-touched.

Flyers will need to demonstrate that they have adequate knowledge of the 2-way Dynamic Dive Pool and can confidently fly a selection of sequences drawn from the dive pool in order to safely fly the lines in practice and competition settings.

The current dive pool for Speed routines was created by and enacted in Spring of 2016. Rounds are flown in a sequence of 3 pages: Regular, Switch, Regular for the fastest time.

Dive Pool


Head Down InFace Snake*
Head Down Switching Snake
Head Up InFace Snake*
Head Up Switching Snake
Head Down Mix InFace Snake*
Head Up Mix InFace Snake


Back Layout*
Head Up 360*
Head Down 360
Half Barrel Roll


Head Down Inface Circles*
Head Up Inface Circles*
Mix Circles
Reverse Mix Circles
Head Down Shuffler
Head Up Shuffler*
Mix Shuffler

*Included in the Advanced Dive Pool


For a complete description of each move, visit the 2-way Dynamic Rules.

Challenge Yourself! Use the IBA Draw Generator to randomly select a draw, then go fly it!