September 22, 2016


Don't forget to check out the full event write up on SkydiveMag & the full photo album on Dropbox.



Hannah Lewis of Austin, TX squeezing in training time with her coach Chris Dixon prior to the meet.


Debbie Maline of 2way FS team Toxic Tango looking serious while turning serious points. 


Jessica Rankin and Rose Moeser  of 2-way VFS team V-way flying head down.


  Mike Bougher, Houston tunnel instructor, and Royce Wilson, resident Spaceland jumper, turning points on their heads. 


Handsome & professional! The ring, sideline, and centerline judges for Dynamic events.


  Team C-Squared, twins Casper and Conner Shaheen of Austin tearing through D2W Advanced. 


D2W Advanced teams C-Squared and Nix Trix.


 The crowd & the tube., 

  Crowd Favorite! Dusty Shaw and Nick Riedel perform a hilarious first-time flyer class as their free routine in the D2W battle.


 The D2W Open winners - iFLY Aspire, Kayleigh and Noah Wittenburg, beat team iFLY Toronto Dynamic for the gold.  


4-way FS in the tube.

  Must have been a good round! 


 Freestylist Nikki Blakeslee getting excited to compete.


  Tara Tumbleson looking beautiful and graceful throughout her Freestyle routine.


Lauren Havens letting her hair down a bit in her Freestyle routine, 

 The future of tunnel flying!  


4way VFS teams on the podium! Check out that handsome check, congratulations TEEM iFLY Toronto VFS


  Big thanks to our MC Daniel Lovett & iFLY Houston meet coordinator Shannon Batlak!