Dashboard Tutorial

Welcome! Thank you for becoming a member of the premier organization behind the sport of Indoor Skydiving.  

The International Bodyflight Association has created tools to assist you in progressing to the cutting edge of tunnel flight.  Our goal is to help you become a better, safer flyer, able to compete at any level, and perhaps even become a Coach yourself!


The Logbook


Tunnel Flyers log their time in the wind tunnel just like a pilot logs their time spent flying an aircraft.  One benefit of being a member is access to your own personalized, digital Logbook. The Logbook gives you a central, organized place to keep track of your flight time, the skills you are learning, and the skills you have mastered. 

Once logged in, access your Logbook by clicking the Account tab at the top right and selecting Logbook. There are tabs for each level of progression, from Flyer to Coach all the way up to Examiner. The last tab is for Time.  Select the tab you want, and a detailed list describing each skill accomplished, how much flight time, what tunnel, and with what Instructor. To update your Logbook, click the Log Skill or Log Time buttons. A window will pop up wherein you will enter where you flew, who your Instructor was (note: only a Instructor with proper ratings can sign off particular skills - a Level 3 Instructor and Level 3 skills), and what skill you worked on.  An e-mail will then be sent to the Instructor asking for confirmation of your achievements.  After your instructor confirms your progress in the wind tunnel, your Logbook and Flight Chart will be updated.





The Dashboard


The Dashboard provides a glance at your Logbook and displays your Flight chart.


Find an abbreviated version of your Logbook at the top of the page, showing your name, home tunnel, and the number of tunnels you have visited, the number of skills mastered, and your total tunnel time. Because it is connected to your Logbook, it knows what skill you have next work on and provides a quick link to it's lesson plan.

The Dashboard is both a useful tool for you to track your progress as a tunnel flyer but also exists as a useful tool for your Instructor.  New facilities are opening all over the globe giving you great excuses to travel and fly!  When visiting a new wind tunnel, it is important for the new Instructor to get a good idea of your current skill set, this will save both you a lot of time!.  By utilizing the Dashboard, your Instructor knows exactly what you’re working on and can seamlessly continue your progression.

The Dashboard also includes your Flight Chart, where every skill on the IBA Progression is laid out along 3 different pathways. Each circle in Flight Chart represents a separate skill that can be learned in the wind tunnel.  The skills that have already been mastered have been illuminated with a  “badge.”  Skills that a flyer has yet to learn are left empty. When you click the title of each badge, a pop-up appears describing the skill. Clicking the links at the bottom of each set of skills opens a video with demonstrations of the technique. Notice this Flyer is well on their way toward becoming a Pro!



If you have any questions regarding the website, contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.