The IBA Global Kids Challenge 2017

The IBA Global Kids Challenge 2017

November 08, 2017 - November 08, 2017

The IBA Global Kids Challenge is back!

For the third year in a row, the IBA has created a worldwide meet for junior flyers aged 6-16 to test their skills and show off their talents on the global stage, from the luxury of their home tunnel. Who will be the champions this year? Start training now, over 15 hours of tunnel time is up for grabs!

Last year, 63 flyers participated across 12 different wind tunnels, showing off incredible Freestyle routines and 2-Way Formation Skydiving finesse. Our sport is growing in popularity and this is where we as a tunnel community, support and promote the next generation.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday November 8th, 2017.

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Tunnel Time Prizes

   1st place  2nd place  3rd place
 2 way FS Intermediate  2 hours  1 hour  30 mins
 2 way FS Advanced  4 hours  2 hours  1 hour
 Freestyle Intermediate  1 hour  30 mins  15 mins
 Freestyle Advanced   2 hours  1 hour  30 mins




*Tunnel Time to be redeemed at the tunnel in which the team competed. All participating tunnels agree to honor the prize.

2 events, with 2 classes each. 

The ruleset of each discipline does not explicitly state how a team/flyer should appropriately choose the class to compete in. However, the following describes important differences between the classes, making Advanced more difficult than Intermediate to perform. Flyers should safely be able to perform the maneuvers required by their chosen class. 

2 way Formation Skydiving

  • Intermediate - Team members walk or fly into the wind tunnel, and then link together before beginning  'working time'. Each round consists of 2-3 possible points.
  • Advanced - Team must perform a linked door entrance into the wind tunnel to begin 'working time'. Each round consists of 3-4 possible points.


  • Intermediate - 3 Free rounds. Flyers Level 1 and 2, as well as any higher level flyers that cannot safely perform the Compulsories, should enter this class. 
  • Advanced - Rounds 1 & 2: Free, Round 3: Compulsory. Competitors in this class should, at the minimum, be signed off for level 3 flying.

               - Compulsory Moves: SFR 1 - 360 Barrel Roll Stall, SFR 2 - Head Up 360 Breaker, SFR 5 - Manna's Space Lab

               - Descriptions of each move are found in the rulesets, and video examples can be found here

Links to IBA Rulesets
2 Way FS
2 Way FS

Download Rules

Download Rules



Ron Miasnikov - FAI AE rated

Tamara Koyn - FAI AE rated

Jami Pillasch - FAI AE-National rated

Bryce Witcher - USPA AE-National rated

Mary Traub - FAI AE rated

Gorana M - CSPA AE-National rated

2way Formation

John Scott - FAI FS rated

Yin Yu - FAI FS rated

Shlomo Yoyo - FAI FS rated

Gorka Amian - USPA FS-National rated

Jim Rees - USPA FS-International rated

Korissa Bomba - USPA FS-National rated


& more to come!

Tunnels around the world sign up through the IBA. Contact your local tunnel to ask if they are participating! Confirmed so far:


Aerodium Logatec

Aerogravity Milano

iFLY Basingstoke

iFLY Paris 

Hurricane Factory Prague

North America

iFLY Austin

iFLY Baltimore

iFLY Denver

iFLY Fort Worth

iFLY Loudoun

iFLY Naperville

iFLY Oceanside

iFLY Phoenix

iFLY Portland


iFLY Tampa

iFLY Toronto

iFLY Westchester

iFLY Woodlands


iFLY Downunder

iFLY Perth

iFLY Singapore

Middle East

iFLY Dubai

Flybox Israel


& many more to come!


The IBA 

Laura Wagner - Competitions Coordinator

+1 512-646-0166

Wednesday, November 8th

7pm Local Time

Each tunnel may run a slightly different schedule, check with yours!

Ready to fly?

The IBA Global Kids Challenge requires participation from both wind tunnels & their competitors. 

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