2018 Wind Tunnel Openings

November 29, 2017

19 new wind tunnels in 10 different countries will be making your flight dreams a reality. Very soon!

First Half of 2018

Toronto - Whitby, Canada  

Paramus, New Jersey, USA

Queenstown, New Zealand

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Aix en Provence, France


Later 2018

Changchun, China Jihua 3

Shenzhen, China

Melbourne, Australia 

Abu Dhabi -> THE 32 FOOTER!

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Bear Grylls Adventure Park, England


Early 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Bristol, England

Calgary, Canada

Brisbane, Australia

Minsk, Belarus


See you at the tunnel!