2018 IBA Global Kids Challenge Review

December 24, 2018

The fourth annual IBA Global Kids Challenge Competition (IBA Global), helped the world come together, yet again, to show off the younger flyers in the ever-growing sport of body-flight. Forty tunnels, across multiple countries, submitted over 10 hours of video footage of their respective local flyers. Our judges combed through the videos to get the results ready, to determine who would be the first place winner in each discipline, and to declare who would get their hands on the biggest tunnel prize yet!

The top winners for FS came from all over the world. Top teams included Airbourne Kids & Airbourne One hailing from Freezone Moscow , France Aerocart AK’Demie Bravo & Alpha from  iFLY Paris, and Astronaut Sloths, Fuschia Hedgehogs, & Middlestetter coming from iFLY Portland. The Top Freestyle discipline was dominated by the flyers from Flybox Israel, with Mika Cohen, Bar Greenzaid, & Gali Bar all taking gold in their disciplines. A single flyer from the USA, James Rogers, flew quite strong and came out ahead in the Freestyle 16 and under age group for Advanced. This brings us to a unique take on this year’s IBA Global Competition. Each discipline was broken up into different age divisions, and classes, which included a 10 and under age division, and a 16 and under age division. This helped create a more fair competition among most of the disciplines and aided flyers in registering in disciplines closest to their flight abilities.

This year registration was up 64 percent from last year, which created an unexpected delay in scoring, as the cloud-based system that was used to collect all video footage failed the day of the competition. However, thanks to extra help from additional judges across the world, the results were successfully posted, and the winners declared. The results of the competition can be found by clicking here.

With 2018 ending with such a fun event, one can only imagine what 2019 will bring. The number of tunnels is growing, and youth leagues and teams are being created at each one. The competitions in 2019 will be immense, and we’re excited to showcase them to the world. We hope the world is ready.