July 25, 2018

Location:  iFLY SF Bay, 31310 Alvarado-Niles Road, Union City, CA

Organizer:       Northern California Skydiving League (“NCSL”) - Lori Connor – NCSL League Director

Cost:  $35 per slot (average 10 mins flight per team); must pre-register (see FB event pages for details)

When:  Monthly, 3rd Thursday of every month (with a few exceptions when noted)

Spectators are welcome to attend and upon arrival just mention to the front desk you are a Tunnel Kicker fan and you will be provided an event program listing the teams and 4-way draw as well as information on how you can become certified to participate in future NCSL events. 

Eligibility:  To fly at the Tunnel Kicker you must either 1) be a licensed skydiver with a minimum 30 minutes of belly tunnel experience or 2) be a tunnel flyer signed off on IBA Level 1’s belly skills, Level 2’s 2-way flying skills at a designated 4-way fall rate tunnel speed and have prior participation at either an NCSL 2-way FS or NCSL 3-way event. 

iFLY SF Bay is a “host tunnel” participating in the monthly Indoor Cloud League competition that provides fun competition between teams flying at different tunnels around the world.  The 4-way draw is published each month on the 1st and can be flown the entire month.  The scores posted each month are cumulative toward the annual Indoor Cloud League leaderboard with overall rankings world-wide. 

The NCSL is the organizer who schedules and plans the Tunnel Kickers, creates/opens registrations, accepts registrations, organizes, provides 4-way experienced coaches, makes teams, facilitates, judges all rounds, makes video submissions in all six categories and provides updates for news stories. 

The NCSL Tunnel Kicker is open to all skydivers and tunnel flyers who are or want to become part of the Indoor Cloud League and the NCSL indoor skydiving program.  The Tunnel Kicker allows everyone to learn and improve their flying skills and progress in 4-way Formation Skydiving.  

There are six different levels of training and progression in the Tunnel Kicker program from beginner 4-way (R class) all the way up to AAA Open Class.  As an individual, you will be assigned to a matching group, unless you bring your own complete lineup.  Participants may request to fly with teammates or friends in attendance. 

Contact Information

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