July 25, 2018

Location:  iFLY Sacramento Tunnel, 118 Harding Blvd., Roseville, CA

Organizer:       Northern California Skydiving League (“NCSL”) - Lori Connor – NCSL League Director

Cost:  $63 per slot (10 mins flight per team); must pre-register (see FB event pages for details)

When:  Bi-Monthly, 4th Thursday of every month (with a few exceptions when noted)

Spectators are welcome to attend and upon arrival just mention to the front desk you are a 3-Way Tunnel Scrambles fan and you will be provided an event program listing the teams and 3-way draw as well as information on how you can become certified to participate in future NCSL events. 

Eligibility:  To fly at the 3-Way Tunnel Scrambles you must either 1) be a licensed skydiver with a minimum 30 minutes of belly tunnel experience or 2) be a tunnel flyer signed off on IBA Level 1’s belly skills, and Level 2’s 2-way flying skills at a designated 3-way fall rate tunnel speed. 

The 3-Way Tunnel Scrambles are designed for fun and lot of skill building since the teams are formed by pairing one novice tunnel flyer with an advanced flyer along with a player coach.  Teams all fly a draw consisting of four separate sequences of 3-way formations.  The teams repeat each sequence twice, once for practice and then once taking it up a notch.  The series is not judged to keep the focus on fun and learning.  

The NCSL is the organizer who schedules and plans the 3-Way Tunnel Scrambles, creates/opens registrations, accepts registrations, organizes, provides 3-way experienced coaches, makes teams, facilitates, edits and creates select videos for the NCSL YouTube channel and provides updates for news stories. 

The NCSL 3-Way Scrambles are open to all skydivers and tunnel flyers who are or want to become part of the Indoor Cloud League and the NCSL indoor skydiving program.  The 3-Way Tunnel Scrambles allows everyone to learn and improve their flying skills and progress in Formation Skydiving.  

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