2018 IBA Global Kids Challenge

2018 IBA Global Kids Challenge

December 12, 2018 - December 12, 2018

The IBA Global Kids Challenge is back! For the fourth year in a row, junior flyers ages 6-16 from across the globe will be able to test their skills and show off their talents on the world stage from the convenience of their home tunnel. Last year, 96 flyers participated across 25 different wind tunnels, showing off spectacular Freestyle routines and fast 2-Way Formation Skydiving skills. 

This year there will be more categories and even more fun to be had. Start practicing your freestyle and FS skills now. Mark the date Wednesday December 12th, 2018.


More details coming soon, for updates either click 'Going' on the Facebook event page or follow the IBA on Instagram or Twitter @tunnelflight

Ages 10 years & younger:

2 WAY FS - intermediate, advanced

- 6 rounds for both (for points and reference see below)

FREESTYLE - rookie,intermediate 

- 3 free rounds for both

ROOKIE:  Enter if flyer is signed off for up to IBA level 2 back flying

INTERMEDIATE:  Enter if flyer is signed off for up to IBA level 3 flying


Ages 16 years & younger:

2 WAY FS - intermediate, advanced

- 6 rounds for both (for points and reference see below)

FREESTYLE - intermediate, advanced


- Enter if flyer is signed off for up to IBA level 3 flying

- 3 free rounds only 


- Only Enter if signed off on IBA level 3 flying and working on lBA level 4 flying

- Rounds 1 & 2 free routines, Round 3 compulsory moves SFR-3 Tucked Double Back Loops, SFR-1 360 Barrel Roll Stall, SFR-6 Thomas Flair Into Head Down Split


-ALL AGES FS:  I. INTER:  Possible 2-3 points per round. Team members walk or fly into the wind tunnel, and then link arms together (star formation) before beginning  'working time'.

                           II. ADV:  Possible 3-4 points per round. Team must perform a linked arm door entrance into the wind tunnel to begin 'working time'.

-ALL INTER & ADV FS Reference IBA FS RULE BOOK for entrance (Pg 9, & possible points per class (Pg 8, & also scoring (Pg 10-11, 5.2)

-FREESTYLE ALL DISCIPLINES Reference IBA FREESTYLE RULE BOOK for free routines (Pg 5, 2.8.1) working time (Pg 5, 2.9.1 & 2.9.2) compulsory move explanaition (Pg 11-13)

- flyers limited to one class per discipline. Flyers can however enter in multiple classes as long as they are not in  the same discipline and are within their age group. Maximum of two classes per flyer.

-The rule set of each discipline does not explicitly state how a team/flyer should appropriately choose the class to compete in. The disicplines below have been divided according to age to help create a more fair competition. No one above the age stated can compete in a lower age group, however a lower age compeititor can compete in a higher level age group. Example being 16 year old intermediate flyer can not compete in 10 year and under intermediate group, however a 7 year old flyer can compete in Under 16 Advanced group.  The following describes important differences between the classes, making Advanced more difficult than Intermediate to perform. Flyers should safely be able to perform the maneuvers required by their chosen class. 

- The IBA draw generator can be utilized for practice tunnelflight.com/draw-generator

- For rules on each discipline see below

2 Way FS
2 Way FS

Download Rules

Download Rules

Tunnels around the world sign up through the IBA.

Contact your local tunnel to ask if they are participating! 


Matthew Freese 


*Please specify if registering tunnel or competitor

Wednesday - December 12th, 2018

7pm Local Time

Each tunnel may run a slightly different schedule. Make sure to check with yours.

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