FAQs - Coach

Every flyer must go through the IBA's Flyer Progression in order to support the level of safety it is aimed to provide.  Skydivers who are proficient will most likely move through the progression significantly faster than those without these skills.

Each tunnel has different policies related to this matter.  Please contact the tunnel directly to learn about their specific policies.

Yes, protective gear must be worn in the antechamber.

Most tunnels do not allow foreign objects into the wind tunnel as they could get loose and become a hazard, destroying the object and potentially damaging the tunnel itself.

If you can fly at the wind speed appropriate for the student and both you and your student have been signed off for 2 way flying.

Flyers must be able to perform controlled 6 points of motion (forward, backwards, left turn, right turn, up, and down) in belly, back, and sit orientations.  They must also be signed off to perform sit to sit transitions.

Only qualified instructors are allowed to spot transitions. Each skill on the Flight Chart denotes what level of instructor is required to spot that specific skill.

For example, the Back to Sit Transition is a Level 3 flying skill that requires a Level 3 instructor to spot.

Qualified coaches may give the safety briefing but the instructor will need to confirm that all the appropriate information is presented to the flyer. 

A current and on-duty tunnel instructor must always be present in the tunnel during all flight sessions.

You may only walk in the tunnel if you have been approved to do so by a current and qualified IBA rated Instructor. You may fly with your students if they are approved for two way flying or you may coach them from either the ante-chamber, through the glass or you may fly with them if you have been approved to do so in a coaching manner.